How would you rate the traffic to your website? Be honest with yourself. If you aren’t getting the attention you want, you may need to focus on your SEO strategy.

An SEO strategy includes multiple elements, one being link bait.

Wondering if link baiting is the answer to problems? Keep reading below to first find out a little more about the practice and how it can help you.

Stick around then because we’re here to tell you three great strategies you can implement immediately!

The Basics: What is Link Baiting

It may sound complex, but at the core, creating link bait is simply creating high-quality content that other content creators will want to link to.

This accomplishes a few different things. It increases backlinks and subsequently will increase traffic to your website. Both of these factors will help your overall SEO.

1. Create Infographics

Which would you rather glean information from; a wall of text or a visually please infographic?

Unless your an anomaly, we’ll assume you answered the latter.

Statistics presented in charts make sense to even those of who may have performed poorly in math class. Colorful images can express an idea much quicker and easier than a paragraph.

By creating an infographic packed full of useful and accurate information, other content creators will use you as an authority figure in your specific industry area.

Good ideas include how-to guides, pictorial representations of history, or geographical data displayed across a map.

2. Beat Out the Competition

One of the best ways to encourage others to link to your content is to get your info out there first. If you publish in-demand information first, you will have the most impact.

Similarly, if you have a buzzworthy news story and you publish it first, you will become a huge source for information.

Consistently get the jump on big stories or up and coming ideas? People will come to depend on this and start turning to your information first.

3. Guest Posting

One final method for attracting backlinks is guest posting. Allowing guests to post content on your website creates diverse, quality content.

And most people who do guest posts will link to it on their personal sites or in other written pieces.

The act of guest posting goes both ways. As others will write for your site, you should do the same. Any guest post you create is an opportunity to create backlinks to your own site.

Just be sure to be very careful with these posts. Ensure any guest post created for your site is relevant and well-written.

Watch Your Business Grow Through Quality Links

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. Following these three link baiting tips can help any business continue to grow.

Whether through creating immersive infographics or consistently breaking the latest industry story, attracting backlinks is an incredible opportunity.

Do you have some more detailed questions about link bait? Please contact us, we would love to help out!