You can choose a plan according to website requirements and budget. Take a closer look at tailored WordPress Care Plans to see why you need them!

Essential Plan

Covers Maintenance and Update

Regular maintenance is the key to a successful website on WordPress. It is important to understand that WordPress core updates are continually evolving to solve user issues, which means that updating your website regularly will translate into a better user experience for your viewers. In other words, if your website is not updated on a regular basis, it will provide little to no value to you or your viewers.

Plus, the unsatisfactory user experience due to issues like glitches and long loading time will lead to diminishing traffic. Apart from that, multiple other maintenance and management activities are required on a daily basis to streamline core operations of a website, attract the right audience, and improve conversion rates.

This is where our Essential WordPress Care Plan enters the picture! This care plan is all about daily maintenance and updates. It makes sure that your websites never loses value due to outdated core or plug-in updates, broken links, or malware. Furthermore, with weekly WordPress core functionalities and plug-in updates, you can avoid a number of serious technical issues before they rear their ugly heads and interrupt the core functionalities of your website.

The many features of this WordPress Care Plan cover all the essentials of running a successful WordPress website. Sign up for our immaculately tailored Essential WordPress Care Plan or learn more about all its features here!

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Performance Plan

Covers WordPress Performance

The only thing better than developing a high-performance WordPress website is running a high-performance website. The overall performance of your website depends on multiple factors, including your CDN, speed optimization, hack repairs, etc. Furthermore, broken links and outdated WordPress core and plug-ins can also lead to a slow and ineffective website, which may frustrate your viewers and result in a high bounce rate.

Whether your WordPress website is promotional, generates income for you, or simply provides engaging content to your viewers, it can’t attain its desired purpose with subpar performance. This is why our Performance WordPress Care Plan has been designed to cover all the technical work that goes into ensuring optimal performance. From regular performance audits to hack repairs, we take care of everything. Furthermore, with the Performance Plan, you get to enjoy a 10% development hours discount. Other benefits, like daily backups, weekly reports, quick fixes, and priority support, are also included.

Our carefully designed Performance WordPress Care Plan will ensure high performance for your website. So sign up for it now or learn more about all it has to offer here!

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Security Plan

Covers WordPress Security

Security is undoubtedly one of the most critical features of any website. If your website isn’t secure, it can do more harm than good – to you as well as your viewers. Keep in mind that while WordPress is a great platform and always coming up with new and improved security updates, it is still a popular target for hackers, data thieves, and distributors of malicious code and content. So, whatever you do, don’t ever compromise on WordPress security, especially if you are dealing with the personal data of your viewers.

Keeping the high-security needs of WordPress websites in mind, we have designed the Security WordPress Care Plan to offer ironclad security against all online threats. Apart from all the features included in the Essential Plan and Performance Plan, our Security plan offers premium security implementation for your website. Furthermore, you will get regular security audits to keep an eye on your defense against all types of malicious content. In case you still run into trouble, the website hack repair features of this plan will allow you to get out of any sticky situation in no time!

Our Security WordPress Care Plan will provide you with the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that your website is protected against all security threats and is backed with a website hack repair option. So sign up now or learn more about the amazing features of the Security WordPress Care Plan here.

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