Website Crawlability Audit

Is Your Website “Crawlable” for Google’s Spiders? More importantly, is it easily navigable for your users? Google hates broken links and poor site structure, but your customers abhor them. Detect and fix crawlability and workflow errors for better SEO rankings. Call Big Nerd today and request a crawlability audit for your website!

Why Your SEO Efforts Are Ineffective

SEO today is largely about user experience. You can’t expect the spiders to favor you if you haven’t designed your website for humans. If your users find it difficult to skim through different sections or pages on your site, Google’s artificial intelligence ranking engine “RankBrain” is going to deduce they are having a less than perfect user experience. As a result, Google might demote your site ranking the next time someone searches with the same keyword.

The worst thing about crawlability and usability errors is that your SEO efforts will be fruitless and you’ll never know the reason…until you conduct an audit. BigNerd’s website audit detects and fixes the hidden errors in crawlability as well as user workflow, so your SEO dollars really pay off.

How Big Nerd Can Help

We’ll beef up, optimize and reorganize the content structure so that your users can easily perform the task they want or access the content they need. The aim is to make relevant and valuable content available within 4 or fewer clicks from wherever a user lands on your website. The crawlability aspect of the website audit includes:

  • Robots.txt File Check
  • URL Structure Audit
  • Link and Redirect Analysis
  • Sitemap Preparation/Optimization and Submission

When we fix the errors and optimize your website for crawlability, you’ll see your organic rankings and traffic improving.

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