URL Structure Audit

If your URLs don’t make sense to the users, they probably won’t make sense to the spiders as well. Optimizing the URL structure is crucial if you want to get anywhere close to those coveted top spots. Big Nerd can help you clean up your URLs and make them SEO friendly.


Underscores in the URL


Too Many Parameters in URL


Too Long URLs

Is Your URL Structure Optimized for SEO?

The URL of this page is


The URL’s breadcrumb style and structured format makes it easy to see where you are on the website. It makes sense, but is it optimized for SEO? We help you answer this question by analyzing the keyword usage, search volumes, competition, and overall structure of your website. A clean and optimized URL structure doesn’t only get you better rankings but also improves your click through rate.

How Big Nerd Can Help Fix Your URL Structure

If you suspect your site has a poor or outdated structure and your URLs are all over the place, call Big Nerd for a quick audit. Here are the tasks we’ll perform for URL structure audit and optimization:

  • Analyze your content and keywords
  • Build a sound structure for the future
  • Minimize dynamic URL strings
  • Consolidate different versions of pages
  • Define canonical pages
  • Optimize the length of the URL string
  • Match URLs with page titles
  • Implement all other URL structure best practices

A part of Big Nerd’s SEO Audit, the URL structure audit makes your website attractive for both people and bots.



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